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A. Trading Info

Don't be afraid to offer on anything, even if you don't have my wishes.
I'm open to browse TLs!
Values are from /~waka, but it's mostly for organisational purposes!
I 've returned from a 9 year hiatus, so most of my items are quite old. ^

I usually reply to my neomails within 24 hours, and I never ghost!
My username is lai_sinsi
Last updated: 15th of October 2019.
Dyepots: 2x
GBCs: 0
Boxes: 0

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Stuff that is rare, popular or just hard to part with.
I will probably only trade these for other items that are super high priority, popular or hard to come by. ^.;

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E. 2:1 MAIN

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Items custom_mf wants

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A. High priority seeking

A.2 Unlikely Wishies

Items with few in circulation or high value.
Always seeking these! ;)

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C. Low priority

Items that don't go with specific outfits, but that I want for the sake of expanding my closet and options.
21 means I'm hoping to trade for them in 2:1 or with items of similar value.
Probably not offering customs/GBCs, only item x item.

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F. Stuff I like

A huge list of stuff I like!
I am not offering GBCs or customs for these, only item x item trades.

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