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A. Trading Info

Values are from /~waka.

I usually reply to my neomails within 24 hours, and I never ghost!
My username is lai_sinsi
Last updated: 11th of December 2019.
Dyepots: 1
GBCs: 2
Boxes: 2

Always seeking Archive Cookies/Re-release Capsules/Dyepots/GBCs

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D. Rarer stuff

E. Boxless side

These items are on sides without boxes
UFT if the offer includes at least one GBC

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F. 2:1 MAIN

Number is quantity
2:1 GBC or 1:1 Dyepot or 1:1 of one of your 2:1 items

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Items custom_mf wants

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F. Stuff I like

A super huge list of stuff I like!
Not actively seeking these, so please don't feel bad if I turn down a perfectly fair offer. ^^

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