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0. Introduction

Updated: 14 July 2019

Highlights are usually only UFT for WL items.

The rest of my items I will accept GBCs, dusts, dye pots, cookies, or look at your TL. C:

Numbers are waka values because I'm lazy. I am willing to discuss values on HTF and popular items!

Life is busy! It may take me 48-72 hrs to get back to nms, but I promise if I get a message, I will reply when I can!

This list is empty.

2. Trade List

Items worth 1-2 and up. number = cap value according to /~waka, no number means 1-2.

Will usually discount these items for archive, upcycle, and lab ray cookies. C: It never hurts to ask!

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3. 2:1 GBC

2:1 GBC or Archive Cookie (if I have boxes)

1:1 Dye Pot, FQC, Lab Ray Cookie

I try to keep buyables out of this list unless they seem popular!

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Items kalaui wants

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1. High Priority

Needed for permanent outfits!

7777 = Pending Trade

This list is empty.

2. Wishlist

3. Wishes for Sides

6. HTF Wishes

Long term goals I have for my pets.

I will trade my highlights for items on this list!

This list is empty.
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