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UFT - Up for Trade

These items are UFT for GBCs or wishes! For values I refer to /~Waka. Please neomail me on my main account, itaesi!

Some items may be HTPW, but the worst I can do is say no so please feel free to offer~

Last updated: Monday 3/23/20

Items UFT Always able and willing to purchase GBCs and cookies for wishes.

GBC count: 3

Dyeworks Potions: 1

Dyeworks Winter Hue Brew Potion: 1

8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake: 1

8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake: 1

9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake: 1

11th Birthday Constellation Cupcake: 1

11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake: 1

11th Birthday Crystal Cupcake: 1

Money Tree Cupcake: 1

This list is empty.
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