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Welcome to my very humble collection :) I decided to create this list in the hopes I might trade for the select couple of items I want some day. I know I don't have much to offer right now, but I will periodically add more stuff as I collect it. If you're interested in trading you're welcome to neomail me, I am online daily!

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Up For Trade

This is a list of all the NC items I own. If you are interested in any of these and willing to trade for one of the items I want, let me know!

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Items Melinha wants

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Dream Items Wishlist

I only have Maraquan pets at the moment, so I'm only interested in items that fit them or the "under the sea" theme. In this list are the ones I want specifically. But if you have any other cool NC items that fit Maraquan pets, you're welcome to offer :)

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