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NC UFT - Highlights

Boxes - 10+
GBCs - 1
FQC - 2
Dye Pots - 1

For a lot of my items not on this list (especially buyables, freebies, etc.) I'd be willing to do 2:1's, just ask c: Non-wearable stuff is also listed under the box count with each account.

These highlights are spread across my accounts, so I may not have boxes available for a particular item!
'cept the fog, that's just here to keep count

Note: mostly reserving the Cloak for a future big wish, but feel free to share your TL if you're interested in it!

And of course, I can't thank you enough to all of the amazing friends and strangers that have sent me gifts (FOG!) over the years ;u; I'll never forget your kindness!

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NC UFT - Main

This list is empty.

Items admire wants

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Casually Seeking

Stuff I'd like for alternate customizations and stuff, but not in a hurry as much to trade for these as the priority below c:

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Priority Wishes

Always seeking GBCs!

Rolling Fog Count: 25

.. wouldn't mind more fogs either :')

Stuff with slightly higher preference than the casual wishes, but still not really in a hurry to trade for.

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