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Items glenxz owns

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A: Gifting PB clothes spares

They are free but you MUST have the unclothed pet in order to get them unless it has a 9 at the end (that means I have the coloured pet).
First Number means my accounts
Second Number is Quantity

1 n 2 - 7 transfers
3 - 5 transfers
4 - 0 transfers, wait until october :(
5 - 2 transfers

Updated - September 2021

This list is empty.

a: Highlights

I'd like to test luck if I can get main wishes with these items :)

99 marked items for my 99 marked wishes, I hope so xd

Update: Retired from nc (too expensive for me). If you somehow came here you could try luck sending a nm, probably won't trade htf items.

This list is empty.

a: UFT if they worth something for you :c

Items glenxz wants

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A: Main wishes

This list is empty.

B: Casually seeking

Numbers are estimated value.

This list is empty.

B: For grey aisha

This list is empty.

Waiting for devaluation

Don't want to know anything about you until RR

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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