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0. Welcome

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am excited to start NC trading and get some customizations done. First things first, If you are looking to trade and neomail me, please give me time to respond. I am a full time mom and wife. So I may poof from time to time.

I am still pretty new to the NC trading so I also want to make sure the trade is fair. If I am unsure, I will post a board asking about the trade. I only ask that you do the same. I don't want anyone getting an unfair trade.

I will never post a HTPW list. Either it's for trade or it's not. I am human, and sometimes I make mistakes. I try to keep my lists update as often as possible but I may forget to add/remove items. If an item has a number on it, this is how many of that item I have up for trade.

I can not buy NC so my boxes come from Trudy or Trades. I am always looking for GCBs but I also like items too.

Special thank you to these people who were very kind and donated dream NC items. They will never be up for trade!

Main: drakonite22
Sides: xahriya, ashiea, aszira

Last Updated: 10/15/2020
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1. New Items

New items that haven't been organized yet.

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4. NC Sides UFT

NC items on my sides. If you see something here you'd like, please let me know.
Sides: xahriya (0 boxes), ashiea (0 boxes), aszira (0 boxes)

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Items ashiea wants

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NC Wishlist

Seeking these items! If you are interested in trading please Neomail me.

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