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Hello! Welcome to my tradelist. Casual trades are welcome.

I do take GBCs, baby RR/Bubble caps, cookies etc., but perhaps not for everything. Casual wishlist I occasionally say no to if I'm low on boxes (or money, lol) or after a bigger trade at that moment. Please don't hesitate to send me a neomail to ask about an item or trade you're interested in, though! 55 = On side account, might not have boxes left. Will check when asked. Updated 18/11/20

Side note: I will ALWAYS contact you from my main account, hypselodora. I might ask you to send stuff to a side, but you will never receive a neomail from anywhere else. Apparently there are scammers around pretending to be DTI users, so be careful
Happy hunting!

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1. Wishlist

Things I'm actively looking (some of which I'll possibly never be able to afford, but we're gonna try anyway).

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