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Items dobedobedo owns

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Hello! Welcome to my tradelist. Casual trades are welcome.

I have a hidden closet available for bigger wishlist items, mail me your wishlist if you have any of them.

I do take GBCs and RR caps, but perhaps not for everything. Casual wishlist offers I occasionally say no to, if I'm low on boxes (or money, lol), or if I'm after a bigger trade at that moment. Please don't hesitate to send me a neomail to ask about an item or trade you're interested in, though! I enjoy trading :)
55 = On side account, might not have boxes left. Will check when asked. Updated 18/03/21

Side note: I will ALWAYS contact you from my main account, hypselodora. I might ask you to send stuff to a side, but you will never receive a neomail from anywhere else. Apparently there are scammers around pretending to be DTI users, so be careful.
Happy hunting!


Baby Bubbles cap(1 left)
NC Archives Fortune Cookie (1 left)
21st Birthday Sprinkles cap (1 left)

This list is empty.

1. Pretties

I love these, but they ARE uft. I can trade them for ( mostly priority) wishes. I might be persuaded to trade them for a popular item that isn't on my WL, as well (I do love sparkly things).

This list is empty.

2. UFT

Casual trades are great! GBCs and RR caps are too, though I'd prefer wishlist items for the more expensive stuff I have UFT. I go by ~waka usually.

Numbers generally indicate quantity, except 55 (side acc).

This list is empty.

Items dobedobedo wants

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** For ChildrensHospital (priority!) **

I impulse adopted a pet called ChildrensHospital on my side account ( idunnrsapples ) and now he needs an outfit. My current priority :D

This list is empty.

1. Wishlist (Priority)

Things I'm actively looking (some of which I'll possibly never be able to afford, but we're gonna try anyway).

This list is empty.

2. Casual wishlist

Things I saw while customizing on DTI that made me go "Oooooooooooo I want that". I love anything that sparkles. Since I can't really customize on DTI right now I'd like to find stuff on this list as well as my priority wishes. I still check Neopets daily (though not online as often as before).

This list is empty.
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