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Items foxeyjadey owns

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Hi there! I have a lot of extra stuff I need to get rid of. Anything I absolutely don't plan on trading or are in use currently will be in a hidden list. So everything here is up for grabs and needs to go to a new home :D. I only have 2 more boxes, so you'll need to send a GBC--you'll receive that capsules item back as well.

WISHLIST NOTES: I've collected all my wishlist items for my dreamies! I won't be collecting/buying much anything else NC.

Thank you everyone that's helped me cross off my wishlist! It's beyond appreciated, I haven't had a single unpleasant experience with this wonderful community yet. This list is empty.

Pending trade out

This list is empty.

Items foxeyjadey wants

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For BabyBlue5691

Mans' best friend is all set for winter. Baby Blue just needs an everyday background (thankyou yopojoe!!) and some NP items ... eventually.

This list is empty.

For DoryJean

My baby's dreamlist clothes are all pretty much collected. HUGE thank you to sygrepeat and yopojoefor the trades--you're amazing! Little girl's got all her outfits! ^~^

This list is empty.

For FoxeyJadey

Don't need all these wigs. Just want one that looks good on my Xweetok. (Thank you for the trade yopojoe!) And something for the Winter season. (Thank you for the trade! yukie_candie) FoxeyJadeys' WHOLE wishlist has been completed!! ^~^ So much appreciation for all y'all neopians.

This list is empty.

For Jasper Rose Teranova

Just a winter knickknack

This list is empty.

For Zurbubbly

For when I'm finally able to paint her into a lil Pumpkin. Mostly NP items I'll buy eventually.

This list is empty.


My Shippou boy needs an undershirt for everyday, and a fancy new jacket. Will trade multiple small items for this. LAST important wishlist item!

This list is empty.
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