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Items Lydia owns

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00. Tradelist

UPDATE 2: Yeah so I never updated anything, it's honestly a big hassle that I haven't felt like doing. So my tradelist is still currently completely out of date, if you have anything on my wants still feel free to send me a nm but I'll only be trading my GBC at this time.

UPDATE: I recently came back from a hiatus with a whole whack of nms asking about NC trading. I did a bit before leaving without updating my tradelist so it's not 100% accurate. As of right now maybe just skip over my tradelist until I delete this message, but if you really want to see if I have something uft still fee free to send a message. Just a little warning lol.

Always seeking GBC and Priority Wishlist.

GBC uft: 7-8

Non wearables uft:

8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake | 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 |

Both are on a side account with no boxes so GBC would be required in an offer.



Lending for 1 GBC:

This list is empty.

02. Regular Trades

Items I like, but don't use often. Easier to let go of.

This list is empty.

05. Paintbrush Clothes

Items Lydia wants

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03. Low Priorities

Items I like but don't necessarily need.

This list is empty.

04. Neopoint Priorities

05. Neopoint Wants

Mostly just a note to self of items I plan to buy in the future.

This list is empty.
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