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I am always up for casual trades! I really also love gbcs, upcycle cookies, and game packs.

Thank you :)

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I also have a neohome item "Holiday Ornament Wreath" for trade! :)

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2:1 guaranteed new cap sale

If you have an old GBC it'd be a 4:1 cap sale game, if you have new GBC it'd be a 2:1 guaranteed cap sale.

I also have a Rainbow Dr.ape Dress and Cu.mulus Wings

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2gbc or 1gbc + 150NC custom

Also have an Amuse.ment Park Background

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ONLY uft for GBCs or 5/10pk Wonderclaw Widgets. Neomail me your offer! Thank you!

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I will lend an item for 1GBC, 1 upcycle cookie, or 1 wishlist item. :)

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Highlights/Hard To Part

These are for trade!! I am ALWAYS SEEKING customs and gbcs!

I also have a Candy Nest and Neggs for trade.

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Items on _pretty65_

I have boxes!