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NC up for Trade

I mainly want the things in my wishlist, but feel free to ask for a trade if you don't have any of them. I'll never know what may catch my interest next. In case you're looking, I do have buyables(tried to get most of them out of this list), so feel free to neomail and ask if have any.

I am also always willing to trade for upcycle/training/faerie cookies or a ghostly wand of spades.

As of right now, I am trying to get rid of 5 Yellow Luminous Casks. If you would like one, I'm willing to trade them for a gbc each or two of their keys (with your choice of NC prize).

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NC up for trade (side account edition)

These will all require a trade with/involving a GBC as that is the only way anything will be getting off these accounts. Sorry in advance if that can't work for you.

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NP Items I want to get rid of

These are items I've come to own either through random events or for customizations that I no longer use.

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Items pickpocket007 wants

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Mid-low (AKA Low Priority)

These are things that I think look nice, but are not a part of the overall customization goal for my pets.

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