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Hello and Welcome to the Junk List

Well, all of it might not be junk maybe? Anyways, before mailing me regarding trades here are a couple simple things to keep in mind.
If you can see it I'll trade it
I do not keep my HTPW/Closet items visible, so unless I've forgotten to update this list after a trade, anything you see I will positively trade away without hesitation.
I am always seeking GBCs/Customs
Like seriously always. Budget no longer allows me to buy NC for myself & I realize my wishlist is pretty thin, so I'm sure I can find something in the mall I'll take instead.
I cannot offer GBCs or Custom for anything.
Again I'm poor, so no customs from me. Occasionally you may see me offer a GBC for something, but that's only if I've got extra and that only happens once in a blue moon :P
I will always respond to your mail
Even if its just to say no thank you. I'm online for at least a couple hours daily so it should never take me longer than 24hrs to reply. If you haven't heard from me assume I either forgot or neo ate my reply and feel free to resend.

Basic Gift Box Count: 2
Currently In Search Of GBCs!

This list is empty.

Stuff That's Actually Worth Something

Title is debatable, but these are the (imo) nicer items I have to trade. I generally value this stuff at the lower end of /~Waka's values, but there may be one or two things in here I'll be stingy with. It can still all go for caps/custom/wishlist items though.

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The Middle Ground

Things I don't feel right just throwing in my Junk Sale below, but also wouldn't ask more than a cap for in any instance. Any of this can go for 1 GBC/Archive/Up-cycle Cookie or a small wish.

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x 2:1 Junk Sale

Junk that's just sitting on my account I want gone. Yes there are buyables in here (I'm too lazy to remove them sorry) Just supply the GBC (cube style only please) and pick any two items from here you want.
Will also trade this stuff for small wishes or 1:1 for FQCs/Dyepots. (if I have boxes that is)

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Items Kurabelle wants

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Currently Seeking

Items I'm looking for right now. Mainly a list of retiring buyables I'd like to find asap.

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If I Get Them, I Get Them

A random list of things I think are neat. I don't really have a wishlist for my pets left anymore, so this is more or less just here so I can use DTI's "compare" feature when doing casual trades.

I'll still take anything from here you wanna offer provided I have the spare boxes, but honestly that junklist up there probably isn't on par with a few of these lol.

For the rarer things listed here, if you have a specific item or two in mind you'd trade yours for feel free to ask if I have it. You never know ;)

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