Kurabelle's items

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Items Kurabelle owns

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Well, all of it might not be junk maybe? Anyways, this is all the NC stuff I've gathered over the years that I either don't want, or don't use nearly enough to keep.

Before you mail me concerning trades please consider the following:

I Am NOT Interested in Anything Not on my Wishlists

I Can NOT Offer Customs/GBCs

I barely buy NC for myself anymore & I've listed out anything I really want right below this for your convenience along with anything else I may possibly want in the wishlist section below so these two points I will not budge on. If you mail me asking to look through lists or wanting a custom you're just out of luck, sorry.

Now with that out of the way, Feel free to mail me anytime if you stumble upon this list and think we can work something out. I do try and check in once daily around noon at least so it shouldn't take me more than 24hrs to respond (though I do get busy and forget things every now and then so if you really need something and you don't hear from me in a day or two go ahead and send a second)

Thanks for Looking

This list is empty.


Higher valued/Popular items I have to trade. These items aren't really HTPW, but I'll only consider trading them towards other higher valued/popular wishlist items of mine.

This list is empty.

Junk Sale (2:1)

Junk that's just sitting on my account I want gone. Yes there are buyables in here (I'm too lazy to remove them sorry) Just supply the GBC (cube style only please) and pick any two items from here you want.
Will also trade this stuff for small wishes or 1:1 for FQCs/Dyepots. (if I have extra boxes that is)

This list is empty.

Items Kurabelle wants

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Currently Seeking

Items I'm looking for right now. Mainly a list of retiring buyables I'd like to find asap and older items I've had on my wishlist for far too long

This list is empty.

Get This Stuff Later

Secondary wishlist. These items I do want & have plans for, but they're not as much a priority as my "Currently Seeking" list.

This list is empty.

I Just Think They're Neat

Dress to Impress
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