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0 - GBC SALE!!!!

Everything in this section is UFT for GBCs, lower than ~waka value! NM for trades!

Items marked as "21" are 2 for 1 GBC!

This list is empty.

1- Highlights/Hard to Find/Hard to Part With

NM offers to maashiimellow12.

HTPW/HTF are NOT UFT for GBC's - only wishes and things I may be seeking that are same value. Some of these items are not worth a lot but I just love them. Some of them are worth a lot and I hate them. Take your pick.

The rest of the TL is UFT for GBC's, casual trades, caps and cookies.

Closet sections are NOT UFT so please don't ask - I have them to keep track of my pets' wardrobe.

This list is empty.

5- Wings

Neomail offers to maashiimellow12

This list is empty.

Gifts from friends <3

These are gifts I got from friends <3 Thank you!

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