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Updated: February 2020

Boxes on Main - 4
Enchanting Sweetheart Gram - 1
Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram - 9

Hello and welcome to my closet! My name is Bunny aka @scenesterrx. I go by Bunny because Neopets doesn't like my real name e___e;

Please feel free to browse. Neomails are always welcome, though it seems that they sometimes glitch. If I don't reply within 48 hours, please feel free to re-send! I promise I'm not mean and I will always reply even if it's a "no thank you" ^w^ I appreciate ya stopping by - hopefully you'll see something you like~

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Dyeworks Lending

Dyework original items that I am willing to lend for 1 GBC.

How it works: Send me a NM letting me know what item you'd like to borrow. After I reply, send me a GBC and I will send the item to you. You take the borrowed item to Dyeworks, dye it, then send the original item back to me. You keep all of your dyed items~

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Highlights + HTPW

Items that are worth at least 3 caps according to /~Waka. Highly prefer high cap items go towards 1:1 item (or close) trades.

Some items are worth more than 3 - for example:
Sparkling Winter Wig [~5]
Potionery Table [~7-8]* (diff value from Waka)
Lulus Purple Game Masters Challenge Wig [~12]
Hanging Winter Candle Garland [~20]

99 = VHTPW
11, 22, 33, 44 = located on a side, my ref only
Any other number = quantity

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Pretty + HTF Things

Pretty things that I like but am not using. Some may be HTF (65 or less currently trading). I have some emotional attachment to them, though they may not be worth a lot in actual caps value. Feel free to offer~

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UFT [main / scenesterrx]

Items on my main account that are UFT. # is an indication of quantity.

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UFT [side / deathbysnoosnoo]

0 boxes ;o;

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UFT [side / intheswamp]

UFT [side / novacane_]

Items Analyn wants

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NC Wishlist [side / deathbysnoosnoo]

88 = custom already in mind, priority over others
55 = buyable, seeking 2:1
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NC Wishlist [side / _ovoxo]

88 = custom already in mind, priority over others
55 = buyable, seeking 2:1 This list is empty.
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