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Items aleqxi owns

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!! Please Read !!

I've completed all my permie customs so I'm not actively seeking NC trading fodder anymore.

My TL is still up for 2 reasons:
1. I'm still passively browsing for alternatives to a few things in my permie customs that I'm not 1000% satisfied with (marked 666).
2. To trade off stuff I don't like for items that I'd be happy looking at in my collection instead.

I'm happy to consider trades offering:
1. My wishes
2. Stuff that look like they can replace my items marked 666
3. Anything else that fit the themes: dark, dingy, creepy, shenkuu
4. GBCs
, but please don't be offended if I reject these for items I'm more attached to

I may accept trades for something on my permie lists, if it's something else I can use in my permie customs.

This list is empty.

TL2: All the other stuff

Would love to trade for items that fit the themes: dark, dingy, creepy, shenkuu
Most likely will accept GBCs, and 2:1 for ETF items
9 = Hoping to keep for wishes marked with 9s
2 = On a side with no boxes, trade will require at least a GBC
If I have the same item in other lists, this is a spare that I can trade at this level

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Items aleqxi wants

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Ooh, pretty things!

The more 9's the higher priority
9++ = Willing to offer customs
These are just anything remotely cute I see when browsing TLs *grabby hands*
Or toss me items that fit the themes: dark, dingy, creepy, shenkuu

This list is empty.

Pretty but unattainable things

Pretty much given up on these, so they're mostly just here for me to admire while I sob into my instant ramen

This list is empty.
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