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Hello hello. Just a friendly notice that I am a college student and my level of activity on neo varies wildly throughout the school year. If you nm me in regards to an item and never hear back, it is not because I am trying to be a jerk and ignore you, but because I see the nm 4 weeks later and assume you've probably already found a trade.

Feel free to reoffer at any time, I don't really care, spam my inbox if you'd like haha c:

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04. Tradelist

Will definitely trade for gbcs, probably also for fqc, some things could be 2:1. Also willing to browse your TL, so feel free to shoot me a nm and ask!

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07. Closet

You could try to offer on these if you'd really like, but the chances are slim because I hate having to replace things more than I hate having to find things in the first place

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