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~~~~~~~~~~~If you're struggling to find me, try using Discord under the name Sunny#7909.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am always willing to accept these items:
Gift Box Caps
Lab Ray Cookies
Faerie Quest Cookies
Upcycle Cookies

I do have more items in my Closet however it's hidden from your view so I can offer items from it as needed.

If an item is listed on my tradelist, I WILL trade it for the right offer. I would not list it if I wasn't okay with trading it at some point. ;)

I typically reference /~waka, however, I can deviate slightly from their values.

https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/sanityisoverrated/186873/ ^ Goodie Bags/Cupcakes/other items are listed here.

JUST FYI: I block people who overvalue their items continually, don't accept a "no", beg for my items, or act like a tool on the boards. Sorry, but I don't have time for the drama and frustration that comes with those behaviors.

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Dyeworks Lending

These items are lendable for you to dye. NM me to ask about it!

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Items that might interest you. May be slightly picky about trading them. ;)

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Two for One (2:1)

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Items ixiholic wants

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For my Boyfriend <3

Looking for items for my boyfriend, because hey, I wanna be a good girlfriend. If you are sending items from this list, send them to "Simfan96". :)

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My Current High Priorities

These items I am willing to offer GBCs/customs for, and am even willing to trade closet items for. Make sure you send me your wishlist if you have one of these, because my closet is hidden from your view.

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Needed for Gallery (The Guild)

These items are needed for my gallery, and won't be too high of a priority. Ignore the numbers, they're for my reference.

To see what OTHER items I need for my gallery: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/sanityisoverrated/402/ ^ Go here. :)

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Dress to Impress
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