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1 - NC UFT

Basic Gift boxes: 40
GBCs: 0
Also UFT: Money Tree Cupcakes

I prefer item:item trades and will privilege them over item:GBC unless they are part of my Priority ++ list!
If you NM me, please note that I am often on my mobile and don't see neomails, and quite often miss them, so I apologize in advance for that!

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2 - Reserved

Items pending a trade.

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Items annnnis wants

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NC Wishlist - +++ Priority

Wishlist of NC items that I want, high priority for a custom that I'm currently working on.

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NC Wishlist - Gallery

Here you will find items that I am looking for to add to my gallery. Please note that they will be used when my pet's custom will need it (as they are part of a theme that I really like using), but instead of collecting dust in my closet or SDB when un-used, they will be shown off in my gallery while they wait. :)

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Pending a trade

Wishlist items I'm trading for, but the trade is pending (see Reserved list)

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