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1. Please Read


  • Mails are always open - I usually have a board up too

My Time Zone - NST+3

  • If I don't reply within 24 hours, please mail me again! My mail glitches and I sometimes forget to reply!

Current boxes :

Fuzzyomelettes - 16

Fuzzyomelettes_2 - 4

Fuzzy_poptart2 - 5

Pawtylikeapoptart - 5

Pawtylikeanomelette - 1

These are my only accounts ^

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6. Up For Trade

Numbers indicate which account the item is on

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Items Fuzzyomelettes wants

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2. Casually Seeking

This list is stuff I want but have no real plans for so I might turn down a fair offer, sorry in advance!

Ona items are for my gallery and are lowest priority at the moment!

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5. Wishlist for Pawtylikeapoptart

These items go to my side account - Pawtylikeapoptart

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