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00 Dyeworks

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Just My Little 2:1 Sale

2 items for 1 GBC please! :)

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Lending for dyeworks

2:1 gbc or 1:1 dye pot **If I have boxes available!

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Here's my humble TL, please feel free to browse! I only buy NC once a year so I don't have much to offer, but if you see anything you like please feel free to NM me! :) -- Also have a Money Tree Mystery Capsule if you're interested!

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I'm kinda attached to these lovelies hehe, so I'm really not sure yet if I'll part with them, probably only for really desperate wishes, or overoffers ;)

Also have Retired Festive Celebrations Mystery Capsule, New Year 2015 Celebration Mystery Capsule, Velveteen Valentine Sweetheart Gram, Forlorn Sweetheart Gram & Vintage Valentine Sweetheart Gram

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Thanks! :)

Just wanted to do a little shout-out to some folks who have gifted me with the loveliest things, or helped out this n00b to NC trading, you guys are really awesome.

My heartfelt thanks to: Becky {beckykbrooks}, Caitlyn {indebtedness}, Caitlyn {nyltiac5}, Hikari {aka_shadowfax}, Jaclyn {jaclyn}, Jae {tuxedoh}, Lauren {roxy_mutini}, Lisa {2stephens5}, Melissa {missynom}, Nikki {nikki_anee}, Patricia {kleine_magierin}, Rebecca {airr}, Sara {be_the_thunder92}, Stephanie {seadach}, Tee {hearrt}, Tia {furubafangurl}, Timi {snudli}, Faerie Princess {faeriedust96}, Toni {tonilpkelner}

Also: Erin {deaths_kiss}, Sheepy {sleepingsheep101}, Stephen {godofjell0} for your help with my neopets! :)

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Items poofiebaby wants

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Stuff I may want for future customizations

They're not a priority but I may need to search for them in future, so if you have them feel free to drop me a mail to let me know! =) Note: Some are for my sides, please ask, thanks! :)

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Stuff I want to replace!

Things I regret trading away and must get back again! XD

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