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0. Hello!

Hello! If you have anything from my WL, specially from my priority wishes list, please drop me a neomail! Since my TL is not much of value, GBCs or customs are usually my offers :)

If I don't respond your neomail in within 48 hours, please send again.

ITEMS MARKED AS '100' ARE ONLY UFT FOR WISHES! Unless stated otherwise on a board.

I do have stuff unlisted, they're either items I would never trade or just stuff I didn't sorted yet. Feel free to inquire.

This list is empty.

1. UFT 'mylist'

Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag

Little Hearts Sweatheart Gram

|Gift Box Count: 1|

This list is empty.

3. UFT 'paula_brena'

Closet / In current use

I offer my closet items frequently so that's why this list is visible if you're wondering.

Note: Everything I'm less likely to trade is hidden. Either way, I still have the right to turn down fair trades for my attachment to any closet items.

NOTHING here is UFT for GBCs/custom/non wishes unless I state on a BOARD.

99 = Specially HTPW.

7 = Stuff that my pets wear a lot/are currently wearing so I'll be pickier.

This list is empty.

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