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2:1 items

items here i will gladly do 2 items for one gbc. Or 1 item for a FQC

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<3 gifts

some lovely gifts amazing people have blessed me with ;w;

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Closet items

my closet items. this is a list for myself. items with 99 mean they are on other accounts. *** other numbers = quantity.

most of this stuff i am v v v v v attached to.

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dyeworks uft

99 - / less likely to trade may turn down a fair offer

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highlight tradables

Section of my best nc that is tradable for cool items if you want to neomail me, my account is Mewfacer. I also have GBCS / customs uft. I use Korolie for a guide. I stick with it 100% of the time. if something has an inbetween value (such as 10-15) I usually go more to the middle/higher end of that value.

items @ 99 I will be abit picky with. they are probably items i use on occasion or like.

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Lending these items 2:1 or a Training cookie. or a casual trade or something lol

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items mewfacer wants

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casually seeking

these are items i am sort've casually seeking. these items are usually for customizations i have made for pets i don't own yet.

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need for current pets

one day

items that are high value that are hard to find that I want one day ;w;

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