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I have a HUGE unlisted wish list, so if you see something you like you can ask me to browse your TL.

Always looking for GBCs/Upcycles, although I typically won't trade my higher value items for them.

Box counts:
11: 3
22: 1
33: 2
44: 0

This list is empty.

0. Highlights

This section just means that I prefer WL items to be included in trades for these items (instead of pure GBCs).

Numbers are just references for myself

This list is empty.

00. Special

Stuff I'm saving to trade towards one of my big wishes... will be pretty picky with these. If anything I might be willing to combine & trade these up for higher value populars (not necessarily on my WL).

This list is empty.

1) 1 GBC

This list is empty.

3) 5+ GBC

This list is empty.

4) 2:1

I've weeded out most if not all buyables. Because let's be real, who really wants those?

  • I have:

1 Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram
1 Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram

Willing to trade these as 2:1

This list is empty.

6a. Tradeable Closet - Main

These are only potentially for trade for items on my High Priority or General WLs

I have a hidden closet that I might open for popular HTF items.


Higher value/popular items will probably only be for trade for other high value/populars

Lower value items (2 GBCs or less) I might be willing to trade for GBCs

This list is empty.
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