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*** 0.o It's all just stuff & things ***

¯\_( . . )_/¯

I am on a sort of sporadic hiatus. I barely found time to write this intro, and I will eventually set my lists to private (when I find a little more time to dedicate to it). I apologize if I do not reply to mail right away, I have been trying but its usually hit and miss. Thank you for your time!

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2. Sales!! Discounts!! Treasures!! OH MY!

Items marked 21 I am trading 2 items for 1 GBC, or 1 item for buyable/custom/other.
I have much more, probably not listed here, in my gallery that is 2:1, so be sure to check that out for more!

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4. Dyeworks (DW) - HTPW - **PICKY**

Ideally I would like to only trade my DWS for other DWS I am seeking, but on rare occasion I may trade a DW for items from my priority list/s.
Unless otherwise stated directly to you from me, these items are NEVER uft for pure GBC.

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This list is public because, in my opinion, there is no harm in offering, and any offers, to me, are appreciated.
That being said, these items would be the hardest to let go of, if I had to let go of anything in my closet.
I am attached to any item I have listed below, regardless of popularity or value, and they are only here for top wishes.

Offer if you want to, because theres always a bit of a chance you have exactly what I want/need & Im not tryin` to tell you how to live your life.

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I hoard pretty things. #noregrets

eye twitch
I may not agree with value guide estimates, and it always depends on the item(s) in question.
1. How many people have the item, and how many people want the item?
3. When was the item last value checked, or updated on the popular guides?
4. Chances of re-release? Is the item traded frequently, or never at all?

I am attached to any item I have listed below, regardless of popularity or value, and they are only here for other potential HTF/rare, expensive wishes I might be seeking.

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I am not too picky with these items as long as I have the boxes needed to trade.
I am usually okay with discounting or accepting the lowest value with these items for GBCs, please inquire!

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Items buzzilyn wants

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Anything below this marked 99 is ALWAYS priority/most wanted.
I will trade multiple popular items to get most of these.
Mail offers are welcome, but I do ask that all factors (.e: estimated value, rarity/retired, supply/demand) are taken into consideration when valuing/offering on items, especially populars or high value items.

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Priority - lower value randoms

Things I need that I probably wont trade the "bestest" stuff for, but try me anyways.

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