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*** 0.o It's all just stuff & things ***

¯\_( . . )_/¯
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*** AAA My Favorite Favorites ***

Thanks for peeking.
I am a bit pickier with these items because I use them frequently or seasonally.
Numbers indicate quantity, not value.
I apologize if I offend anyone for turning down any offer from this section, if you can see this I am likely looking for a HTF wish, unless specified otherwise via NCC boards or neomail.

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*dyeworks lending*

Dyeworks I can lend 2 for 1 GBC or a small wish :3 Not for trade, ONLY LENDING thank you for understanding!

p.s, Items marked with an "8" are permanently in Dyeworks! This list is empty.

.1 GBC.

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC/1:1 Other

2 items for 1 GBC, or 1 item for items/custom/other.

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Items buzzilyn wants

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A1: møst MOST wanted

Some are dream wishes - I will part with my closet items! Some are just things I need for a custom I have in mind to use really soon (NOW!) - I have private TLs specifically for these items in lists A1 and A, so please mail me if you wish to inquire! Serious trades only, please!

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