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*** 0.o It`s all just stuff & things ***

Last update 1/5/2017: I totally remodeled my ENTIRE TL recently, so I havent had a chance to check value on every single item Ive moved, please reference trading guides, and I will be doing the same as needed :3

NC guide for Everything NC:

(I use value guide /~Korolie & cross reference with /~Clara)

I'll always respond to neomails, at my earliest convenience.

sidenote: I have the right to decline an offer. I mean no offense, I am a fair and gracious trader, but...
I have some habits: Heres your forewarning!

Upcycle junk with no abandon.
Has item listed on trades that is on a pet, and it looks awesome.
Forget to take off an item thats already been traded.
Sorry for this, stuff just happens *shrugs*

This list is empty.

*** AAA Dyeworks Showcase ***

slightly attached to these, but will let go of these for other dws depending on which ones!

This list is empty.

*** AAA My Favorite Favorites ***

Taking fair trades from this section for my Dyeworks wishes.
NOTE: only 1:1 for 1-2 or 2 valued items unless you are offering multiple wishes
I am willing to offer anything 2 and up for multiple wishes.

Thanks for peeking.
I am a bit pickier with these items because I use them frequently or seasonally.
Numbers on items denote QUANTITY not value, its how many of that item I have.

This list is empty.

***dyeworks lending***

Dyeworks I can lend 2 for 1 GBC or a small wish :3 Not for trade, ONLY LENDING thank you for understanding!

p.s, Items marked with an "8" are permanently in Dyeworks! This list is empty.

2:1 GBC

2 items for 1 GBC.
3:1 for some! 3 items for 2 GBC.
2 items for any custom up to 175 NC.
1 item for 1 DWs pots, cookies, or single game tickets/tokens.

This list is empty.

~1-2 GBC

Its not low enough to be 2:1, not high enough to be 2. Its the ~1-2 aisle!

1 GBC per item

This list is empty.

~3-4 GBC & Above

Items buzzilyn wants

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A: møst wanted ~ tøp priørity wl

Please, please, PLEASE let me know if you see something on my lists that you would trade for these? Why would you not want to see this come to life!!??

Thank you wonderful NCC!

This list is empty.
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