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0. Notice!

I love NM trades!! My inbox is open and I try to respond within a day or two! Please mail any time that you see that I have a wish of yours and hopefully we can work something out :)

Updated November 2019.

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0.1 UFT for HTF wishes!

If you have my bigger wishes and don't see items you like here, ask me if I have specific items - I may have them hidden away.

Note: I value hard-to-find items higher than ~Waka but I do try to be reasonable.

Also: Cherry Blossom Garland / Stunning Moon BG IS up for trade, but NOT for mostly gbcs, I'm sorry! Feel free to mail about them, but unless you're offering GBCs + a priority wish (List #1), I would prefer item trades only.

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1. Picky With

This isn't high-value stuff, I just like these things a lot. I am willing to trade these though.

77 = extra picky.

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2. Regular UFT

Picky with a few things. Follow waka guides for all these items, either mid or high end of the value scale.

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3. My 2:1 Sale!

GBCs preferred, may trade 1:1 for FQC/Dyepot/etc depending on the item. I may need to check if I still have an item since this list is not as up-to-date as the others. If something is on a side, I will have to accept the GBC first.

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Items frozencookiedough_z1 wants

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1. Currently Seeking / Highest Priority

Items I am looking for right now and need ASAP!! The following applies to my entire WL:

100 = Mail me your WL, will trade anything visible + hidden items

99 = Will trade anything you can see!

11 = Seeking in a 2:1 sale or will not offer more than 1 gbc

No number = Open to trading for

NP seeking--

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