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If you would like to trade, here are some things you might like to know!
When it comes to my closet, I do have it set to hidden, because I personally hate when others have their closet shown with their tradelist but say it's not for trade!

If you'd like to trade, I'd be more than happy to receive your neomail -
I'm really friendly and I'll always consider trading for my wishlist items!

All the items shown are on my main account and so I will have boxes. I have more on here hidden simply because it's on one of my boxless sides!

note: I currently have no NC/custom or GBCs to offer until the sale in November.

Last update: 5.08.2017

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2:1 deals.

The number indicates the quantity of the item I own.

For these items, I can offer the following deals:

  • 2 of these items for any 1 GBC
  • 1 of these items for 1 Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion
  • 2 of these items for 1 NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie
  • And of course any amount of these items for stuff in any of my wishlists below!

    Non wearables uft:

  • Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
  • Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

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    Items Athnei wants

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    Actively Seeking

    Items I'm activing seeking - things I need for customs! Usually offering GBCs.
    The numbers here are what I value them at - going off /~Korolie and /~Saphronn.
    21 means I'm looking for this item in a 2:1 only. If I have NC I will be willing to trade a 100nc custom for it. c:

    This list is empty.

    Casually Seeking

    These are items I could add to current outfits for my neopets. Or items I want to replace. I am not offering GBCs/Customs for items in this section - I am however happy to trade my items for them at any time. The number is the value - going off /~korolie. If the number is 21 then it means I'm seeking it at 2:1 value.

    This list is empty.

    Non Wearables

    Casually seeking the following items!
    Not offering GBCs, I'm happy to trade from my tradelist for these, or add as fillers to trades. :)

  • 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1
  • 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3
  • 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake
  • 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
  • Crackling Ice Magic Elixir
  • Birthday Confetti Magic Elixir
  • Dark Faerie Magic Elixir
  • Kapow Magic Elixir
  • Rolling Clouds Magic Elixir
  • Winter Lights Magic Elixir
  • Swirl of Power Elixir
  • Sun of Altador Magic Elixir
  • Spooky Blorpulous Magic Elixir

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