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Last Update: April 25, 2020.


Hello! I am on a different timezone than most people. There may be delays in my replies. In cases that I forget to reply due to being busy in real life. Please notify me about it. Feel free to ask me for trades. I prefer item to item trades. I always answer neomails as best as I can. Also I don't bite or get offended easily. :)

I use ~Waka and ~Priscilla as my value guides.

GBCs: 31 | Gift Boxes: 0

The following numbers have meanings:

"777" = Pending Trade

Other numbers = Dictates the quantity of the items


I (NON-WEARABLES) - I would trade these for my wishlist and gbcs.

II (100+ CAPS) - I would trade these for smaller populars/gbcs! Willing to look at different trade lists!

III (HTPW) - I am very picky with this. Most of them are only UFT if I offer.Though I might trade some for the right offer or item/s I am seeking that is a priority. Also some of them I might value higher than the guides. Please, don't be offended if I reject a fair offer.

IV (HIGHLIGHTS) - Willing to trade items here for anything that is in my wishlist. Kind of picky on several of these. Would also consider gbcs.

V (DWs/MMEs/PCs) - Only picky on some these. I would prefer to trades these for my wishlist. Maybe some gbcs too.

VI (CASUAL) - Not really picky on these lists. Almost all of these are UFT for GBCs or item to item trades.


My inbox is glitched where it says that it is full. It really isn't. Hit send and I would receive it. In case that it is indeed full. Send me a "foal in box" item and I would know what it means. :)

This list is empty.



Vandagyre Goodie Bag (x1)

Raindorf Goodie Bag (x1)

Holly Tree Goodie Bag (x1)

Peppermint Goodie Bag (x1)

NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag (x1)

Second NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag (x1)

Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag (x1)

Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag (x1)

Colourful Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag (x1)

Fringed Heart Valentine Goodie Bag (x1)


7th Birthday Cake Slice #2 (x1)

7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 (x1)


Spring Gift Box Mystery Capsule (x1)

Polka Dot Gift Box Mystery Capsule (x1)

New Year 2018 Celebration Mystery Capsule (x1)


8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake (x1)

8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake (x2)


Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (x32)


No stock!


Black Heart Sweetheart Gram (x1)


Shenanigifts Invitation 10-Pack (x1)

Virtupets Access Key 20 Pack (x1)

Featured Game Ticket (x1)


Cloudy Magical Negg (x1)

Cracked Magical Negg (x1)

Colorful Magical Negg (x1)

Sparkly Magical Negg (x1)

Sunny Side Up Negg (x1)

Retro Negg (x1)

Whimsical Negg (x1)

Super Warm Holiday Mittens (x1)

Holiday Snowball (x10)


Gold (x7)

Slver (x1)

Bronze (x1)

Wood (x1)

This list is empty.

(II) 100+ Caps

(IV) Highlights

This list is empty.

(v) Dyeworks and MMEs/MiniMMEs and Premium Collectibles

This list is empty.

(VI) Casual List

Will trade items in this section for GBCs or Cakes!

This list is empty.

Items allenrawr wants

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Actively seeking items listed here. I am always willing to work out a trade. Please neomail me too if the items you're seeking are not in my UFT lists.

"333" = Mailed

"555" = Another thing

"999" = Priority

This list is empty.
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