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If you do not get a reply from me within 48 hours, please feel free to neomail me again.

I am not interested in GBCs/custom for my items at this time unless my board states otherwise.

Thanks so much for reading & have a good day ^__^

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[0] Dyeworks Lending

Lending dyework items for a GBC or something off my WL.

Q: Do you lend 2:1 GBC?
A: Yes! Only if the GBC you're sending is a cube.
Q: I don't have any GBCs, would you accept a dyework potion in exchange for a lend?
A: Yes, unless I'm very short on boxes then I'll have to reject, just check with me :)
Q: I don't have any GBCs/dyework potions, will you lend in exchange for an item?
A: Yes! My WL is below or I can browse your TL as my WL is endless, heh.
Q: Will you lend multiples in exchange for 1 item?
A: Depends on the item and my box count! This list is empty.

[2.5] UFT - Buyables

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[2] UFT - Regular

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[3] UFT - HTPW

Items here are all UFT for the right offer. However, they are a part of my closet so please don't be offended if I turn down a perfectly fair offer, thank you! ^__^

A bit pickier with items marked '99'

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Items felixfelicis wants

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[0] WL - Expensive/HTF

If I do not have your WL items, I would be more than willing to hunt them down for you if need be :3

Please mail me, maybe we can work something out~

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[2] WL - Winter Wonderland

Dress to Impress
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