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1. Please Read

I trade via neomail alot.
I won't fault anyone who might be wary of neomail trades as everyone is entitled to exercise caution at all times but at the same time not every neomail is an equivalent to being ripped off D:

When in doubt, please make value checks/fair trade boards.
The least we can do is base off past experiences of trading with each other before jumping onto a one-sided comment, which could have very well been a misunderstanding we weren't privy to, and bring about unnecessary drama.

Quantity = value.
This is only for items I value differently than that listed on guides. I'm always willing to work out a trade however.

I use for references.

I value etiquette above everything else.
Please do try getting back to your traders.

Non-Wearables UFT :

This list is empty.

2. Highlights

B. Foregrounds/Garlands/Trinkets UFT

This list is empty.

C. Clothing UFT

This list is empty.

J. NC Mall Games UFT

L. UFT on chaotusinternum

111 = Buyable

Box Count : 0

This list is empty.

M. UFT on isinister

111 = Buyable

Box Count : 1

This list is empty.

O. PB clothing available for Transfer

PB clothing items are no-trade items. They cannot be passed between accounts like regular items and can only be moved to another account via Pet Transfer.

These clothing items are specific to Paint brush colors for each species.
This means that you must own the painted pet of the clothing you seek for the transfer of the same clothing to be successful.

For Example : Robot clothing for unclothed Robot pets, Halloween clothing for unclothed Halloween pets, etc.
PB clothing cannot be transferred over with pets painted otherwise.

Commentor the pirate Draik is UFA with clothing, if anyone is interested.

This list is empty.
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