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.0 Welcome!

August 3 Update: Back from vacation and slowly but surely catching up on NMs!

Hi there! :3 My name is Eri and I spend way too much time on the NCC.

I began sporadically NC trading around October 2017 and don't have much experience before that with NC, so I apologize in advance if I ask silly questions or take a few extra moments to double check a value. :) I generally go by ~Waka.

Thank you to everyone who has offered me warm wishes and bits of advice--it is truly appreciated!

FYI: Numbers are generally for my use only; feel free to ignore them unless a section specifies what a particular number is for.

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.004 UFT General Trade List

33 = on a side and may need boxes to move.

This list is empty.

.005 UFT 2:1 Sale

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Thank you so much to the kind, generous Neopians who gifted me these lovely things! <3 I seriously don't know what I've done to be the recipient of such gestures, but I suspect it has more to do with the awesome Neo community than me! XD

I try my best to pay it forward!

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Items lucent wants

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.00001 HTF High Priority Wishes

For items in this list, I will always offer GBCs/custom in addition to my HTPW and general tradelists. I will also potentially open my closet. Honestly, I'll even hunt down your wishes!

If you have a wish from this section, please contact me--I'd love to work something out!

If the item is marked 99, I'm willing to trade items in my TL that are also marked 99 for it.

Also have:

  • Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule x 1
This list is empty.

.00033 Ultimate Dreams

These are things that I'll probably never be able to afford, but hey!

I most likely won't be able to offer pure GBCs for these, but if you're interested in doing a mix of item/custom/GBC, that might be a bit more doable. :)

88 = higher priority in this section.

This list is empty.

.0004 Buyable Wishes

This is basically just a reminder for me to eventually buy these things, or keep an eye out for them in 2:1 sales.

Number = indicates how many of that item I need/want.

This list is empty.
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