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0. welcome : )

Hello guest and welcome to my NC trading page ^v^

I have a small collection of nc wearables, with the items organized here in three categories according to how willing I am to trade them. Items with the number 5 are on a side account.
Currently, I am most interested in trading for items needed for my pets' customs.

Gift Boxes: 14
GBCs: 24

Please note that I base my values using /~Waka

This list is empty.

2. regular tradelist

Most of the items here have an est. value of 1-3 GBCs and are easy to part with. Seeking GBCs for all of these, but willing to exchange for wearables of the same value found in my wishlist

This list is empty.

3. sale (my junk pile)

This category consists of miscellaneous wearables that I don't care much for and would be very glad to get rid of. Seeking GBCs and willing to do 1:2 trades for some of these.

This list is empty.
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