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1. Non-Wearables UFT

  • Mystery Island Mystery Capsule
  • Sunny Day Mystery Capsule
  • Altador Cup IV Mystery Capsule
  • Rainy Day Mystery Capsule
  • Cloudy Day Mystery Capsule
  • Bubbling Experiment Mystery Capsule
  • Spinning Star Mystery Capsule
  • Summer Fun Mystery Capsule
  • Red Velvet Birthday Cake
  • Tyrannia Bone Bed

Food items in gallery: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=queen_charming

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3. Normal UFT

higher capped items:

seeking gbcs, custom or other populars (for friends)

  • will do lowest value on korolie and may discount some of the less popular items too
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4. 2:1 Sale

everything here should be 1-2 cap value. trading them all at 2:1 gbc

please let me know if the items aren't valued 1-2 (i may have missed checking some)

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5. Neopoint Items

let me know if you need anything here

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