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/ hi there!~

my name is chrissy.
i'm always open for trades, so please feel free to
mail me at blankstar if you have any of my wishes!

i do my best to respond but sometimes life gets in the way, so if
you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please mail me again.

happy trading!

last updated: june 2020

This list is empty.

02. htpw/closet

mostly only uft for list z, please don't be offended if i turn down a fair offer!
this list is set to public, not trading.

99 = in use and not uft at the moment

This list is empty.

04. main uft

This list is empty.

05. 2:1 sale

two items for one gbc or 1:1 fqc, depending on availability of boxes

& more listed in

This list is empty.
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