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Lending — Dyeworks

Happy to lend anything in exchange for a GBC/Cookie/Dyepot or a small wish!

11, 22, 33, 44 = this item is on a side account, and probably requires a GBC.

This list is empty.

UFT — HTPW/Highlights

UFT — Main Account

This list is empty.

UFT — Negg Puncher!

I have 1 Negg Puncher left from the 2013 negg hunt!

It is valued at 6-7.

I can trade you the puncher to open your own Decorative Negg,
or I can punch one of my neggs for something in this tradelist.

I do not have these items already punched.

This list is empty.

[x] — NP Selling List

I'm currently selling these wearables in my shop.

Happy to discount if you need one for an outfit!

This list is empty.

Items unheroine wants

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[Midmist] — Faerie Regalia

Working on a look for my Faerie Xweetok :D Items here will go to my side

This list is empty.

[Neraide] — Tide & Treasure


This list is empty.

[Pendar] — Virtual Reality

[Quietes] — Stone & Silent

Still figuring out a custom for my Grey Aisha :D Items here will go to beknight

This list is empty.

[x] — Locks & Keys

Dress to Impress
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