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000) Notes - Please Read!

Please neomail all offers to painted_dreams87.

Seeking Dye Potions and GBCs!

Every NC item I have available (except for hidden closet items and non-wearables) is listed.

Boxes: 3
GBCs: 0
Grams (no LEs): 1 Ruby Red, 1 Forlorn
Last Updated: January 7th

This list is empty.

01) Special Tradelist

These items are only up for trade for wishes. If I'm seeking a custom, I will occasionally trade items from this list for it. Unless I note this when I have a board up on the NCC, please assume that I'm only seeking wishes for these items. Thank you!

This list is empty.

02) Regular Tradelist

These are simply the items that don't fit into my other tradelist categories.

This list is empty.

03) 1 GBC Sale

All items in this tradelist are 1 GBC each. Any kind of GBC is fine. If trading for item(s) instead of GBCs, I value these items normally rather than 1 each.

This list is empty.

04) 2:1 GBC Sale

Pick any 2 items for 1 Gift Box Cube! Any kind of cube is fine. I do not trade these items 2:1 for any other kind of capsule, cookie, 1-2 cap wish, etc. I never have the boxes to do so.

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Items painted_dreams87 wants

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02) Wishlist

These are all items I want but don't need asap. They vary in priority, mostly based on how soon I'll use them. If I'm low on boxes, I may only want to trade for items I'll use soon. Some items from my "Special Tradelist" may not be up for trade for some wishes. Thank you for understanding!

This list is empty.

03) Buyable Wishes

I'm not typically offering from my "Special Tradelist" or trading 1:1 for these wishes, but feel free to ask.

This list is empty.
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