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! Hello There !

Hi hello, I'm an old neo user finally deciding to come back to play (mostly due to new customization which led to characters goals- so fun!) so I'm sorry if I'm not too keen on trading value. But I am trying to use guides to help!

For the stuff I seek, I would happily give out multiples if I think it's fair, possibly customs depending on what it is.

If you see something you like, send me a message and I'll respond ASAP. Please don't feel shy to offer whatever I really don't mind.

You can offer me GBCs/FQC/Archive Cookies/Capsules/Etc and I'll respond depending on my personal demand atm, but always feel free to try!

** The number 88 means HTP but maybe...

The number 29 means I kinda like this, so I'm a bit picky but you can probably take it

Numbers <10 indicate quantity

I'm online daily and this list was last updated: October 2020

For those who have messaged me previously, I was on and off Neo for quite a few months. I couldn't get the site to work again, so I apologize if I left you hanging. Feel free to send me a message again and I will respond now as I been able to access Neo now

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1 - Highlights

9 - Background Accessories UFT (Foregrounds, Garlands, Showers, Etc.)

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Unwearables & Items in Gift Bags

These are items in the respective unopened/unwearable containers I have. If you want the item let me know and I can open it, but if you want it unopened for your gallery that's fine too.

9th Birthday Flower Cupcake

9th Birthday Candy Cupcake

9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake

7th Birthday Cake Slice #3

7th Birthday Cake Slice #2

NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag

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Need to Replace These Eventually

I traded these away but I want them back when I can get around to it...

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