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A. Intro


A warning I do not update this profile very often.... but I am on neopets every day, so feel free to shoot me an NM!

My ONLY account is lauraek96 so if you get anything from anyone else claiming to be me, that ain't right

Last updated 28 Oct 2020

Started playing Neo again in 2020 for the first time since childhood and am pretty new to NC trading so bear with me please! Generally down to consider basically any trade as long as they're fair. I go by ~Waka for valuing, and will take GBCs, Archive cookies, WL items, and maybe customs depending on the trade :-)

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C. NC in my closet

These items are currently in my closet, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be down to discuss a trade-- there are plenty of closet items that I'd be happy to trade with, actually! :-)

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B. NC wants

Generally think they're pretty but don't have specific customs planned for most, and realistically for the higher value items (3+ GBC) I'm also not willing to part with so much IRL money to get them unless you want to do item:item (but hey, I can fantasize!)

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Looking for in 2:1 sales

Happy to consider item:item for other similarly valued items on my TL, but generally not looking to trade high value items for these

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