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0) Hi

Hello! Welcome to my mediocre TL/WL. I hope you find something you like, and have something I like :)

- I am never offering GBCs/cookies/custom/etc unless I specifically mention so.
- Everything on my TL is priced according to my personal values with /~waka and /~priscilla as a rough guide.
- Generally, items marked with a '77' means on hold/pending trade. All other numbers mean quantity unless stated otherwise.

I always try my best to be nice, so feel free to negotiate for any item, worst I can say is a polite "no thank you" ^-^ cheers!

Thank You List

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1) Lending

Lending 2:1 for GBC and Archive cookie; 1:1 FQC, dye pot or unwanted dyed versions. Depending on box count :)

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3) 2:1 / 5:2 GBC

Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg
Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg
Spyder Mechanical Negg

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Items randomneopian wants

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0) Plushies!

Casually seeking these, if you have any in a 2:1 feel free to neomail!

GBC WL For Gallery!

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2.5) Cute Stuff

Stuff I'd love to add to my closet, even if they're not priority :)
Less important than the above lists, but more important than those below.

9 means higher priority above the rest here
100 = need for customization

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3) I Love These

Casually seeking.
Stuff I'd love to add to my closet.... but if you offer me these items in a trade, I'll probably pass most of the time unless it's discounted.

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5) Wouldn't Mind These

I like these quite a bit, but not in a hurry to get them.
Mostly here because I see something I like and I wanna take note of it.

Lowest priority list~

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6) Need an Extra

Just because.
Loooowest priority though, because obvs I already have at least one of everything here ^^

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