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Items Dollicate owns

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I'm new-ish NC trading, so i'm always suuuper eager to check out what others have UFT! Feel free to shoot me an NM, even if you don't happen to have anything from my WL! I have like 10 hidden lists!
((The worst i can say is "no thank you", right?))

Apparently, messages i send don't always go through. :c
I only get the error informing me of this like half the time. So, if i don't reply but have been online, feel free to send your message again, or just give me a head's up that you're still waiting on a response! Sorry!

I'm usually willing to trade for GBCs, RR Caps, or Cookies on lower value things~!
For prices, i cross-reference Priscilla, Waka and Fiji!

Thank you!!

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Foreground and Garland

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Items Dollicate wants

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Okay, i need these sooooooo bad. My pets are NOTHING without them.
N O T H I N G, i say!!!! lol
I'm getting sad from searching for them for so lonnggg.

H a l p.

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Dress to Impress
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