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Items cookies_new owns

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0. Please Read!

Trading for priority wishes, but not much else!!

This notice updated December 2020 // TL mostly updated December 2020.

Items marked:

11 = Please ignore, this is for my reference!

77 = Harder to part with

99 = Super HTPW, I only want to trade this for utterly impossible wishes

This list is empty.


I'm a hoarder, so I'm sorry if I refuse a perfectly fair offer!

ONLY up for trade for HTF wishes!

This list is empty.

4. Baby / Maraquan / Mutant

Kinda hate that this list includes DWs but oh well.

A bit picky with some, but mostly just want to get these out of my SDB.

77 = harder to part with.

This list is empty.

5. DWs

This list is empty.

6. Regular Categories Below!

Follow ~Waka or the late ~Priscilla guides for items in the following categories.

Probably will let these go for GBCs, but I may not be trading at any given moment, so please doublecheck my notice at the top of the list :)

This list is empty.

Whatever Sale

I will have to double-check anything you want in here in my SDB. Stuff in here may be yeeted in Charity Corner and not updated.

2:1 GBC or 3:1 BF GBC or 1:1 dyepots/archive cookies !

This list is empty.

zz. Would Trade if Necessary

Easy to get back or stuff I don't use as often.

(Not necessarily high-value!)

This list is empty.
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