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2/18/23 Hello my friends! Thanks for checking out my trade list! Please feel free to browse and send any offers to nauticaled96. I am on daily!

I am accepting capsule offers - rr, dyeworks, etc - just not seeking GBC's at this time :) I can't wait to hear from you! :)

This list is empty.

a. Capes UFT

capes, cloaks, caplets - I am usually attached to these so regardless of owls value I might find these htpw/higher personal value. They're still uft for the right item :)

This list is empty.

f. Backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

g. Clothes UFT

Shirts, pants, dresses, and similar items here

This list is empty.

h. Foregrounds UFT

This list includes foregrounds, garlands, frames, etc - basically anything that enhances a background

This list is empty.

i. Accessories UFT

Basically anything that adds some oomph to your custom

This list is empty.

i. Headwear UFT

Wigs, hats, headpieces - anything that can go on ya head is uft here :)

This list is empty.

Items nauticaled96 wants

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This list is empty.


Items I'm casually seeking - not all items are of major interest, some I'm seeking as filler or passively on my own... doesn't hurt to offer :)

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If you don't have items from my WL but are interested in items I may accept capsules from the NC mall. If it's a cap(s) you own and want to trade please offer and see if we can work something out. I am not seeking GBCs at this time thank you!

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Seeking all Negg NC items for gallery related purposes only. As negg items are primarily low cap value I intend to only trade for them if they are filler or apart of 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, etc sales.

All donations are highly appreciated and will never be traded or sold.

Almost all negg items are not highly sought after so my intended trade "worth" will be around 1 cap (although I will be trading with items of equivalent value not caps ). If OWLS value is 3+ caps I will match that.

No HTPW items will be traded for these with unless they are 10+ cap value.

Thanks for reading my novel! I have to clarify as there has been much confusion.

This list is empty.
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