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**000. Gift Box Capsule Sale!!!!!!**


Please ask about values! I try to stick with /~Waka

Some may not be considered for 2:1, but ask anyway!!

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Hello! Welcome to my trade/wishlist!

I am always seeking the following:

  • Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies
  • Gift Box Capsules
  • Dyeworks Potions

I use neopets.com/~waka as a value reference! I always check before confirming a trade.

Non-Wearables UFT:

  • Gift Box Capsules (0)
  • Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion (0)
  • Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (28)
  • 11th Birthday Shooting Stars Wish Candle (1)
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01. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

02. Foregrounds, BG items and Trinkets

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14. Upcycle Fodder

This is the 'last chance' category. I will keep items in here for a month or so after they sat in the 2:1 list. If you don't ask/offer for them before they are gone.. sorry!

I will take a 1:1 Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie for them! 100% Guaranteed!

Will throw these at the Money Tree in time..

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Items diadems wants

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2. Casual Wishlist

Casually seeking.. not high priority atm.

Ask if I have GBCs if you're seeking!

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3. Want eventually, but not high priority

Dress to Impress
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