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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet

You cannot have the shirt without the signature scarf! Ylanas Shirt and Scarf NC
Perfect trousers and boots for withstanding the space elements. Ylanas Trousers and Boots NC
Bounce.... bounce.... Wheee! Yooyu Ball Shower NC
A great gift to give your favourite player or Altador Cup fan. Yooyu Balloons
Now thats a well-knitted beanie! Yooyu Beanie
Who wouldnt want a yooyu on their head? This prize was awarded for beating a Daily Dare score on the release date in Y18. Yooyu Cap
For the more casual fans. Yooyu Dungaree
If you enter a staring contest, you will probably win. Yooyu Eyes
Step up and test Altadors best players. This was an NC prize for experiencing The Games Begin during Altador Cup X. Yooyu Field Background NC
Its really tempting to try to throw one of these faerie Yooyu bubbles into a net. Goal! Yooyu Floating Bubble Shower NC
Look at those bright flowers - they look like Yooyus! This was an NC prize for experiencing Playtime in Altador during Altador Cup X. Yooyu Flower Foreground NC
These flowers are shaped exactly like Yooyus! This was an NC prize for visiting the Yooyu Gardens during Altador Cup VIII. Yooyu Flower Garden Foreground NC
The perfect garden decoration for the Altador Cup player or fan. Yooyu Garden Pond
Look through the eyes of a Yooyu. Yooyu Glasses NC
Double linked to avoid any jewellery chain breakage. Yooyu Gold Pendant
Just dont use it to annoy players during the game... Yooyu Hand Mirror
This hat will definitely get some attention! Yooyu Hat
Whew.... they just go round and round and round... Yooyu Head Bonk NC
No noise in, no noise out. Woolen warmth all around. Yooyu Headphones
The Yooyu pin holds it all together! Yooyu Headwrap
Make sure no one grabs you in a sling and tries to throw you into a net when you wear this hoodie! Yooyu Hoodie NC
This combination might make you get mistaken for a Yooyu! Yooyu Inspired Tutu and Tights NC
Yooyus will be flying high in the sky with this fun kite! Yooyu Kite
These marbles look just like Yooyus! Yooyu Marble Set
These mittens are sure to be the envy of all your friends. Yooyu Mittens
Now you can imagine what it feels like to be a Yooyu waiting to go on the pitch! Yooyu Pen Foreground NC
Wizard Yooyu look, anyone? Yooyu Print Jacket
Awww... this yooyu looks like it wants to help you. Yooyu Purse NC
Luckily it was inspired by, not made out of! Yooyu Shaped Parasol NC
These Yooyus seem to be having so much fun! This was an NC prize for experiencing Playtime in Altador during Altador Cup X. Yooyu Side Tree NC
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