Please be aware that the Neopets Metaverse team is not authorized to use Dress to Impress whatsoever.
As per our terms, we hereby revoke their license to use our software, effective immediately. Any future commercial works generated with our software, directly or indirectly, may be found to infringe on our copyright.

Further, our unique converted PNGs are our own derived works, and have never been licensed for commercial use.
Any previously-sold commercial works found to already be using them may be considered liable.
Finally, please be aware that our Flash conversion code is not licensed for external use at all, and any code derived or ported from it would be direct copyright infringement. Any works generated by infringing code may also be liable.
This statement is independent of the usage license revoked above, and would fully apply to previously-sold works.

We're making this announcement in response to concerns that DTI may have been used to mint the recent Neopets NFTs.
Most users may continue to share their Dress to Impress outfits freely, for personal use among themselves and their communities!

We regret not revoking this license sooner. For questions, please reach us via email. Thanks for understanding.
We're sticking around for the HTML5 conversion!
You can already switch from Flash to Image mode, and there's a new beta app coming soon!
Try our beta app! It's ready for the future, and it works great on mobile!
Our new app is still a work in progress, but you can try it now, and we'd love to hear what you think!
Here's the link:

Our policy is short and sweet at this point. And by using our site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Thanks! ("We" here refers to the administrators of "the site", Dress to Impress.)

Dress to Impress tries to keep its data up-to-date automatically, and usually does a pretty good job. However, sometimes our data is out of date (like TNT made an error and then fixed it, but we never saw the fixed copy), and sometimes the site just makes a mistake. For this reason, we make absolutely no guarantee that our site behaves correctly or that our data is accurate. The site is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. In no event shall we be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability arising from, out of, or in connection with the site or the use or other dealings in the site. (For example, if you buy NC because the site said an item would look a certain way on your pet but it turned out to be wrong: we're very sorry, please remodel the item for us on your pet, please submit a bug report if it isn't fixed automatically, and thanks so much for helping us fix the bug, but we can't afford to reimburse you for your NC. Here's hoping the NC trading scene can help you get something just as pretty.)

We reserve the right to limit or refuse service to any user for any reason. This includes but is not limited to posting content that we consider offensive (as a rule of thumb, keep it PG) or making excessive automated requests to our server.

The site's source code is freely available, but its use is restricted by its license. The gist is that you're free to read the source code as much as you like, and even copy parts of it, so long as you clearly indicate that we are the original authors.

However, even though we love to share the source code we wrote, we believe that the customization data we've received belongs to the community, and we therefore protect it much more aggressively. Do not copy our data about how pets and items look or their associated metadata; if you're interested in using that data, please contact us directly.

Sometimes our users submit original content to the site, including but not limited to outfits and item lists. By submitting such content to us, you grant us a license to use it and redistribute it in whatever way we see fit, now and forever. If you're interested in redistributing content submitted by other users, you'll have to find the submitter and ask them yourself.

Sometimes these terms change. We'll usually try to draw attention to it when they do, but, ultimately, it's your responsibility to check the terms regularly; whenever you use the site, you're agreeing to the version of the terms posted at that time.

Thanks for using Dress to Impress!

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