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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet

The wig and beanie will keep you nice and toasty for a walk in the snow! Wintery Beanie and Wig NC
You cant pass by without stopping to marvel at its beauty. Wintery Covered Bridge Background NC
The palace looks extra impressive under the evening sky. This NC item was given out as a prize for hanging up a stocking during Stocking Stufftacular. Wintery Palace Background NC
Yaaaaaaa-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!  SLAM! Wintery Slope Background NC
The spirit of winter is strong in this one. This NC Mall item was awarded for unlocking a Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest from the Advent Calendar! Wintery White Hood NC
Dark as the night with a glow so bright. Wintery Wings of the Night NC
Those gusty winter winds are making this beautiful chandelier spin and sway... Wintery Wreath & Ornament Chandelier NC
The blue petals on these flowers give them a frozen appearance. Wintry Flower Shower NC
This stylish capelet looks as soft as newly fallen snow. Wintry Snow Swirl Caplet NC
Show off your Negg hunting prowess with this lovely wire basket. This NC item was awarded for participating in the Mysterious Magical Neggs in Y18. Wire Basket of Neggs NC
Keep all the bad dreams at bay. This NC item was awarded for participating in the Gift Centre. Wire Dream Catcher Chandelier NC
A stunning hand crafted piece of decor for those who love the night. Wire Moon NC
While youre away on holiday you cant help but miss your friends back home. Wish they were here, snap this moment in time for those who couldnt make it here with you. Wish You Were Here Postcard NC
The greatest wish come true! Wish for NC Tree NC
Make a wish upon a star. If it doesnt come true, there are millions more to wish upon! Wish on a Star Background NC
Look at all those Neopoints at the bottom of the fountain! Wishing Fountain Trinket NC
Simply adorable. Wispy Blonde Ponytail Wig NC
Lets hope the sun doesnt come out when youre wearing these wings! Wispy Cloud Wings NC
Fashion a flower crown for your hair this summer! Wispy Flower Crown Wig NC
Winter wind wreaks havoc with most hairstyles, but not this one! This NC item was given out as a prize for hanging up a stocking during Stocking Stufftacular. Wispy Holiday Ponytail NC
How many hearts can you find in these wings? Wispy Valentine Wings NC
Is that broom on the ground or is it hovering? Witch Eyrie Broom
This is the perfect dress for Halloween! Witch Eyrie Dress
The perfect hat for the perfect Halloween witch outfit Witch Eyrie Hat
Dark evil wings, that will have everyone questioning if your pet really is a witch. Witch Eyrie Wings
String them up while you concoct your brew! Witch Hat String Lights NC
"Witches brew"? Witches cold brew is more like it. Witches Coffee Brewing Station NC
Witches are gathered round to ride broomsticks round the night sky and spread their magic throughout Neopia. Witches Silhouette NC
What kind of haunting will you do on this broom? Witchs Broom NC
Who says witches have to dress down and drab. This is the latest witch fashion. This NC item was awarded through Shenanigifts. Witchs Wardrobe NC
Dress to Impress
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