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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet

These are shoes you dont want to trod on by accident! This NC item was awarded for participating in Haunted Hijinks. Witchy Spyder Web Shoes NC
They say this is where neggs come from...who knows if thats true. Within a Negg Nest NC
Who says a big pile of leaves cannot be a comfy place to hang out? Within the Autumn Leaves NC
This wont make you a better wizard, but it will light your way when walking home at night, which is a nice bonus. Wizarding Apprentice Robe NC
This beard took a lot of wisedom and time to grow. This NC item was awarded through Shenanigifts. Wizards Beard of Wisdom NC
This Easter Negg is happy to see you! Wobbly Easter Negg NC
Ooh, its so hard to find your balance on this planet... Wobbly Jelly Planet Background NC
A fun gadget for you to show off to your friends. Wocky Gadgeteer Air Balloon
We heard it comes to life at night. This was an NC prize for visiting the Yooyu Gardens during Altador Cup VIII. Wocky Gnome Handheld Plushie NC
Oh, look... A special prize! Wonderclaw Pod Background NC
This is a very unusual croquet set... Wonderland Croquet Set NC
Now who would paint roses? Wonderland Garden Background NC
Never forget to wear gloves when you go out. Wonderland Gloves NC
These dazzlingly beautiful lights sometimes appear in Terror Mountain... Wonderous Terror Mountain Lights Background NC
You can only visit this fantastic castle once a year on your birthday! Wondrous Birthday Castle Background NC
Behold... a land made entirely of jelly! Wondrous Wobbleshire Background NC
Thats rather disturbing. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y21. Wonky Eyes
This lovely garland is reminiscent of tree branches. This was an NC prize for taking part in Secret Meepit Stache Blueprint #WUD. Wood Pattern Garland NC
Dress up your fence! This was created by the Crafting Faerie. Wood Planter Fence NC
Who knew wood shavings could make such a fantastic wig? This was created by the Crafting Faerie. Wood and Gems Wig NC
This sturdy barrel is sure to help keep a Neopet covered a little bit... Wooden Barrel
I hope youve stocked up on plenty of Pteri Seed. Wooden Birdhouse Background NC
Quaint little decor for any occasion. Wooden Candlelight Stands NC
The things you can do with these crates! This prize was awarded for beating a Daily Dare score on the release date in Y18. Wooden Crates
A simple wooden gate brightened with rows of flowers. This NC item was awarded through Shenanigifts. Wooden Flower Gate Foreground NC
These lovely flowers were carved directly out of wood. This was an NC prize for taking part in Secret Meepit Stache Blueprint #WUD. Wooden Flower Necklace NC
A fun addition to your garden. Wooden Flower Train Foreground NC
You will get a Pteris eye view of things on a funicular ride. Wooden Funicular NC
A wooden backdrop perfect for your rustic themed night! This is the bonus for participating in the Share the Love Community Challenge in Y20. Wooden Glow Backdrop NC
For a rustic but lovely holiday. This NC item was awarded for participating in Sealed With A Gift. Wooden Heart Lights Foreground NC
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