Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet

You truly are the number one fan of Altador Cup, and your room reflects this! #1 Fan Room Background NC
Celebrate 10 Years of Neopets! 10 Year Celebration Shield Background
Every birthday should be filled with lots and lots of balloons! 10th Birthday Balloon Garland NC
Is that a red Scorchio wearing a cake, or a cake with a red Scorchio on it? 10th Birthday Red Scorchio Birthday Cake
Oh bother, it looks like another grey day in Neopia Central. This item commemorates the fifteenth birthday of Neopets! 15th Birthday Grey Day Background NC
Fresh mountain air and a sparkling lake; what more could you ask for? This item commemorates the fifteenth birthday of Neopets! 15th Birthday Kiko Lake Background NC
You hear strange chanting in the distance... This item commemorates the fifteenth birthday of Neopets! 15th Birthday Mystery Island Background NC
De là, tu peux presque voir toute l'île. Cet objet commémore le 15e anniversaire de Neopets! 15th Birthday Roo Island Background NC
The jungle is particularly hot and humid today. This item commemorates the fifteenth birthday of Neopets! 15th Birthday Tyrannia Background NC
Entry to the Neopets 17th Birthday Party is restricted to only those who own this hat. Nah, were kidding. You need to wear it too. 17th Birthday Party Hat
A golden medallion and a job well done!  This medallion was awarded in Y12 for the Daily Dare NC Challenge 2010 Daily Dare Gold Medal NC
Nows your chance to dress like Lulu! 2010 Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Lulu Shirt NC
A sporty jersey for Altador Cup fans. 2015 Altador Cup Jersey
A must-have for Altador Cup fans. 2015 Altador Cup Scarf
Perfect if you love winning! 2015 Winners Podium Background
Get the look of an athlete sans the hard work! 2015 Yooyuball Sweatband
Make sure to protect your delicate complexion with some sun screen. 30 proof Kacheek Sun Screen
BOO!   Yikes that is scarier with 3D glasses. 3D Glasses
Your Neopet can pretend to win a Neopie with this fun toy! 3rd Annual Neopies Golden Trophy
A 3rd birthday is quite important. 3rd Birthday Garland NC
When Neopets is down, the shirt comes on! 404 Shirt
Pixels have hearts, too! This prize was awarded through the Lovestruck daily in Y16. 8-Bit Heart Wings NC
There is something not quite right about this mossy rock... 8-Bit Mossy Rock
You cant seem to get this mushroom to focus no matter how you squint your eyes... 8-Bit Mushroom
Mystery Island in... 8-bit! 8-Bit Mystery Island Background
How do they make the snow into such perfect squares? This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y13. 8-Bit Snowchomby
There is something quite strange about this staff... 8-Bit Staff
The party is here and it is time to celebrate! 8th Birthday Celebration Background
Yuck... what a grey rainy day. :( A Grey Day Background
You seem to have wandered a bit too far without looking seem lost but all you see now is this eerie haunting path. Do you dare take it? A Haunting Path Background NC
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