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I have tried to divide out my wl by types of items and it's an huge list of not only items I really want but also items that I think are pretty but may have no plans for - I will at various times keep some lists visible and some lists invisible to try and make it easier for trading - a lot of times it depends on the amount of boxes I have.

Some items have priority over others so I apologize in advance if I say no thank you to any perfectly fair offers. My biggest priorities will be listed under actively seeking possibly with a 99 or have a wishlist name starting with SA (SA1: lishbabie, SA2: sirpompadour, SA3: malkusvile & SA4: thebankmanager) which means it's a permanent item I need to finish my side account pet customizations.

Please feel free to mail me at anytime but also please be patient, some days I only log-in once and other days I'm on and off throughout the day!

Last Updated: 12/30/2016

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