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Items ArtemisMoon owns

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An important notice

Updated: June 2022

I am on Eastern Standard Time. If my inbox is full, send a Foal in Box to let me know. I will send a Foal in Box to you if your inbox is full, so please make sure your inbox has space or else I cannot answer back.

If I request to send an item/will be sending from a side, these are my side accounts: lina_llubera, artemis_shadow, artemis_ofthe_moon and absolutezeros.

Be aware I will always conduct trades through my main, tsuki_wings.

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Hard to Part With

Not looking for GBCs/cookies/custom, I would prefer trading these toward HTF/popular items. Please share your tradelist, oftentimes I'm not interested in trading these for my wishlist items.

Quantity number means cap value. (Ex. 23 is 2-3 caps)

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Quantity number means cap value. (Ex. 23 is 2-3 caps)

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I also have NC goodie bags

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Side accounts - No boxes available


This list contains items from my side accounts which have no boxes. Please only ask about these items if you're offering GBC. Non-GBC offers will be ignored.

May do 2:1 if items are on the same account. Numbers indicate which account they're on.

2 - lina__llubera, 3 - artemis_shadow, 4 - artemis_ofthe_moon, 5 - absolutezeros

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Items ArtemisMoon wants

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Wishes - Neopoint

Actively seeking. Please let me know if you're selling these items.

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